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Seymour Schreiber, founded Atticfan.Com, as the company is now known, in 1976. Schreiber, a former resident of New York, New Jersey, Britain, Israel and Switzerland, arrived here in Denver to visit his sister.

He found that he enjoyed the passion of the weather here.

He said he was bicycling around town and the weather changed from bright and sunny to rain and hail. He was very impressed, and decided to make Denver his home.

He brought along his family, and began to make a life for himself. He started a home-improvement business called Weatherseal. His primary focus was basic energy conservation, including insulation, weather stripping, caulking and attic fans for reducing attic temperatures. Later, after President Ronald Reagan ended subsidies for home energy conservation, he crafted custom closets as well.

He installed his first whole house fan when his business was in its infancy. The installation took him two days, but it was worth it. He thought the fans were wonderful additions to any home, and that everyone in Denver should own one.

He continued with fan installations, along with custom-closet work and weather stripping.

Eventually, he decided to concentrate on just whole house fans. He christened his new company Attic Fan. Later, he decided to add .com to the end of the name with the onset of the Internet age.

Atticfan.Com has weathered many an economic storm, and is still a vibrant and growing business. Schreiber personally answers all phone calls and engages his customers, answering questions and offering advice.

Recently, Atticfan.Com has acquired a presence on Facebook and Twitter as the company finds itself in the 21st Century.

Whole house fans themselves, however, are not new. They were the only method for cooling homes in the early 1900s. Air conditioning was invented by Carrier in 1907, but did not become popular until the 1950s.

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