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Why choose us?

15 reasons to buy from Atticfan.Com:


We have been around longer and we know what we are doing. 

We began installing fans in the Denver Metropolitan area in 1976. Several fan companies have come and gone during that time. Those few who remain have simply copied the component and installation package we pioneered. 

We set the standard. 

Whole house fans have been ignored for many years and even the manufacturers' instructions do not reflect a quality installation. We have developed our own installation procedures and put together a package of products from five different companies in order to provide the best quality installation at the lowest cost.


We are not a store, we are a solution.

We don't throw a bunch of products at you. Instead we simply solve the problem of cooling your home cheaply and effectively, using the best system available. The units we sell will do the job quietly, effectively, at low cost and will last up to 50 years!!! No other package of components is as effective and affordable. Check out our Compare Fans (Chart) and (Text) pages to compare.

Low price guarantee.

Should you find the same installed components offered at a lower price, we will meet that price, plus we will give you an extra $50.00!


Thousands of successful installations and thousands of happy customers.

Local and family owned.

Honest and expert advice. 

If you have a problem or question, feel free to call or email us. We can answer your questions in clear language and provide extremely accurate cost estimates right over the phone or by email. We can often help homeowners troubleshoot and fix their fans for free over the phone, even if they did not buy their fan from us.

Fans are all we do. 

All our energy and expertise is directed towards the quality installation of whole house fans and attic exhaust fans.

We don't stand still. 

We are currently developing the next generation of whole house fans. These fans will be beltless, employ a smart remote control unit, and be mounted to eliminate complications shared by contemporary fans. They will, of course, be whisper quiet.

We not only sell and install, we service fans as well. 

Some companies will sell and install your fan, but they won't service it. We service all types of attic fans and offer extended warranties on our products. Even if you did not buy your fan from us, we can often help you troubleshoot and fix your fan, for free, over the phone.

We are professionals.

We care. 

Our goal is for you to feel that installing  our fan was one of the best investments you've ever made in your home. Our crews are trained to be competent, courteous and efficient, and they clean up when they are done. We take great pride in our work and want you to enjoy practical, long lasting and energy saving cooling.

We will work with you.

If you are building a new home, remodeling an old one or if you live outside of our installation area, we will work with you to integrate a whole house fan into your project. We offer detailed installation instructions as well as complimentary phone support that will allow you to complete your project.


BBB membership and rating. 

We have the highest Better Business Rating and have been a member since 1977.


We are EPA Lead Safe Certified.

New EPA* regulations, effective 2011, requires companies that work in homes built before 1978 be certified in safe lead renovation procedures.  In order to comply with these regulations, certain procedures must be followed by contractors in order to limit the possibility of lead contamination when cutting into the walls or ceilings of these homes. A substantial fine can be imposed if these procedures are not followed or work is done by a non-certified company. has completed the special training required and is certified by the EPA to work on homes built before 1978.

*(Environmental Protection Agency)

Established 02/01/77
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