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1. Fan price includes fan, 2 speed motor, 2 speed switch, digital shut off timer, heavy duty white ceiling shutter.

2. Installation includes complete installation of fan and shutter. Fan is ready to run. Usually no painting or touch up needed. Parts & service warranty included.

3. Ventilation is optional but important. Fan will work with existing ventilation, but will work much better with proper amount of ventilation.


1. Long distance charge for installations more than 35 miles from our Denver office.

2. Installation on slope ceiling.

3. Vertical installation

4. Moving light or smoke detector

5. Building a new attic entry

6. Rerouting existing attic wiring.



1. For homes built before 1978 add $150 for EPA mandated Lead Safe Proceedure. We are a certified Lead Safe Installation Company.

2. For Homes built before 1950, add $150 for Plaster Installation.



  • For customers who are satisfied with our online or phone estimate, we are able to send an installation crew to the home.

  • Arriving in the morning, the installer does a technical walkthrough of the house, checks the attic and existing ventilation and then reports to the homeowner. This usually takes less than 1/2 hour. 

  • The installer will describe what he has found and make his recommendations as to fan size and location as well as suggestions for additional ventilation, if any. Should the homeowner want to proceed with any or all the recommended work, the crew can usually complete the job that same day.

  • If the homeowner decides against doing any work, then the visit is simply a free estimate. Visits and installations beyond a 35 mile radius of our office carry a distance charge.


Out of state? Do it yourselfer?

Out of State: We can ship a fan to you for the pricing listed above plus freight. Current charge to ship one of our fan units to the lower 48 states is: $150.00

For out of state or DIY we would be please to provide all components plus a free phone consulation, if you have questions or need advice.


Our opinion about cheap fans from the big box stores and customer purchased fans

Saving money by buying a cheap fan will likely cost you more in the long run. While cheaper than the fans we sell, they represent the worst in fan engineering. They are usually very, very noisy and repair parts are not available. If any part of the fan fails, you will most likely have to disgard the entire fan and install a new one. We will not install these fans.

We will not install customer purchased fans because we cannot control the quality, reliability or even the appropriateness of the components.


Internet-purchased fans

Beware of many of the newly designed fans sold over the internet. Most of them claim to run much quieter than traditional whole house fans. In fact they are comparing themselves to the cheap Big Box Store fans, not to a well engineered fan system. The cost of these internet fans tends to be very high and the air movement very low. In addition, the unique engineering of these fans means that service and parts may well become an issue several years from now. Any breakdown of the fan might mean that it there are no parts available and it needs to be discarded and completely replaced. See our Compare Fans (Chart) or Compare Fans (Text) for more information.

A fan from will last over 30 years, often over 50 years (!) and because it is made from commonly available components, any parts that might fail can be easily replaced for many years to come.

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