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This informative video shows how our fans are installed in your home. See more information here.

Since 1976, Atticfan.Com

has provided inexpensive, practical, effective and quiet cooling solutions for homeowners. Our fans can last over 50 years and

cool your entire home, even upstairs, for pennies a day. They are quietest fans relative to the air flow provided.


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Who we are

Since 1976, has installed Whole House and Attic Fans in the Denver, Colorado, Metro area and along the entire Front Range, from Ft. Collins in the north to Pueblo in the south. We are now one of the few companies in the entire country that specializes only in attic fans and probably have more experience and expertise about whole house attic fans than any other residential installation company. We have developed and continue to refine many of the best whole house fan installation techniques. Thousands of jobs have taught us how to choose and install the products that guarantee results and provide satisfaction for years to come. No one in Colorado can match our combination of experience, quality, skill and low cost. Few companies anywhere have our depth of experience or commitment to quality.


Our Company Mission

Our guarantee to you: we will do whatever it takes to provide the lowest cost, highest quality installations and best customer experience possible.


About this site

Our aim is to provide the best and most accurate information available about attic fans.


See our website directory section just a few paragraphs below. It will detail the information available on the entire site.


How our fans work

1. They create a breeze through the open windows and doors. We try to size the fans so that they blow out the entire volume of air in the house in about 3 minutes.


2. They blow out the hot air from inside the house, especially upstairs.


3. They blow out the very hot air trapped in the attic. By doing this, they are able to cool down the entire home within minutes. They can reduce the heat load on air conditioning systems and evaporative coolers so that the cost of cooling is substantially reduced and performance improved.


In the mornings any windows you open will bring in cool, pleasant air. Later, during the day, if you have a basement, you can open the basement windows to pull in the cool air upstairs.


If you don't have a basement, you can water the grass or shrubs outside a window and open that window to pull in cooler air. At night you can open any windows, especially those upstairs, and pull in the cooler evening air to displace the very warm air upstairs.


You can walk into a cool bedroom and sleep comfortably at night. The whole house fan will also blow out the very hot air inside the attic and reduce the heat load onto the rooms below.


And you can achieve all this for just pennies a day. Benefits to the homeowner: By installing and operating the fan properly you can often eliminate the need for air conditioning and almost always substantially reduce the cost of cooling your house.


For the very first time, your entire house can be cool and comfortable for a very small operating cost: less than 25¢ a day! A good whole house fan is quiet, inexpensive to operate, and will last over 30 years. Unlike swamp (evaporative) coolers, they do not put mold in the air and require no maintenance. Unlike air conditioning, these units are amazingly inexpensive to operate.


Alone they help to reduce the heat load on the entire house. If you already have air conditioning or an evaporative cooler the fans work wonderfully well together, enabling these systems to cool the upper levels of a house quickly, and much more effectively, and at a lower total cost as well. These fans will pay for themselves in the first few years and make your home much more comfortable and enjoyable while saving substantial amounts of energy over air conditioning alone.


They will also ease the wear and tear on your other systems by pre-cooling the house. Being able to control the air in your home will transform it from a hotbox to a comfortable and affordable retreat in the summer.


In addition, the fans can be used year round to remove, odors, staleness and  pollution from the home. Environmental concerns: Because these fans use very small motors, their energy consumption is minimal and environmental impact is greatly reduced compared to the much larger amount of energy needed for air conditioning.


There is no perfect cooling system.


Both air conditioning and evaporative coolers have their drawbacks. A whole house fan will do its job reliably and effectively longer than most any other appliance you will ever purchase.


Even on those days that the electric company switches off the power to your air conditioner, you will still be able to experience some relief. Call 303-695-7911 for free estimates, information and advice. Isn't it time that you were comfortable in your own home? Like many of our customers, you, too, will say: "I should have done this years ago."


Website directory

If you want to know some of the basic information about whole house fans, read through the Information and Video page.


Many people are confused about the principles of attic ventilation. Click our Ventilation Explained page for some basic facts. If you want to try to calculate how much ventilation you already have try our ventilation calculator page.


Be sure to visit our FAQ page. There you will be able to find answers to the most common questions about whole house fans.


We also have some do it yourself repairs FAQs on the Service and Repair page.


Take a look at the Gallery page to see what the fan installation looks like. We have an Instant Price Estimator where you can get a quick idea of how much a whole house fan will cost you with installation and probable venting costs.


Our Fan Pricing page offers a more elaborate idea of the cost of a whole house fan plus installation plus extra ventilation. If you have additional questions or live in Colorado and would like a free estimate, contact us at or call us directly at 303-695-7911.


If you already have a whole house fan or just want to know how one should be operated, visit our Operating Instructions page. Compare different types of attic and whole house fans on our Compare Fans (Text) page. For a quick visual summary of the different types of whole house fans check out our Compare Fans (Chart) page.


The comments are just our opinion, but after 30 plus years working with them, we think our opinion counts about fans.


Have a question we haven't answered on this site or want a more exact estimate: Send us a message via our Contact page. If you want an estimate, answer as many of the questions on the contact form that you are able. Use the same page to add any comments or ask any questions. And we welcome your suggestions as to how to make this site even better.


Out of state: If you live out of state and want to purchase a whole house fan from us or have questions about whole house fans, contact us directly via the Contact page. If you tell us your shipping address we can advise you as to the freight charges or answer any other questions you have.


Do-it-Yourself: If you are a "do-it-yourselfer" and feel capable of installing a fan, we would be pleased to sell you one of our high quality units and make ourselves available for a free phone consultation should you have questions or run into unforeseen issues during the installation. We can also discuss the installation with your friend, neighbor or contractor.


We also service and repair whole house fans and attic exhaust fans. We can often help you to troubleshoot and repair your own fan for free, even if you did not purchase it from us. If you want to know why you should buy a fan from us, take a look at the Why Choose Us page.


We are able to install our fans throughout the Colorado Front Range extending from Ft. Collins in the north to Pueblo in the south. Special arrangements can be made for installation in other locations. There may be a distance charge for installations outside a 35 mile radius of our company office.

Full service warranty is available in these localities:

Colorado Counties: Adams • Arapahoe • Boulder • Denver • Douglas • Jefferson

Colorado Cities: Arvada • Aurora • Bennett • Boulder • Bow Mar • Brighton • Broomfield • Castle Pines North • Castle Rock• Centennial • Colorado Springs• Denver • Edgewater • Elizabeth• Englewood • Federal Heights• Foxfield• Ft. Collins• Glendale• Golden • Greenwood Village• Highlands Ranch• Lafayette • Lakeside • Lakewood • Larkspur • Littleton • Lone Tree • Louisville • Monument • Morrison • Mountain View • Niwot Northglenn • Parker • Palmer Lake • Pueblo • Sheridan • Superior • Thornton • Westminster • Wheat Ridge. We apologize if we’ve left out your city. Please let us know. We would be happy to include it in the list. © 2017. All rights reserved.

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